Monday, September 16, 2013

Miscellaneous baloney, a movie review and another font meltdown.

In this post: Fighting font corruption, appreciating “Brazil,” Rooster’s Roadhouse.

Oy, people, what a day. Howdygram headquarters had another major FONT MELTDOWN this morning! I was seeing way too many “out of memory” warning messages on my Mac last night even during the simplest procedures, and since this was basically the same horseshit as last time (see post) I got up at the crack of dawn to figure out what I had to do. You know, like 4:15 in the morning. It took FIVE HOURS to validate and delete 974 corrupt and semi-corrupt fonts — merely a fraction of my current font library, in case you’re interested — and by the time I finished my Mac was back to normal and I was ready for an asylum.

FYI, I finally concluded what started all this baloney ... and it actually had nothing whatsoever to do with fonts! The culprit was a large and apparently-damaged graphic file I’d transferred from Adobe Illustrator to InDesign, at which time InDesign froze solid and Photoshop crashed. My Macintosh technical guru told me months ago always to check my font library after issues like this, and sure enough ... there were scary little warning icons all over the place instructing me to begin deleting IMMEDIATELY or face eternal damnation.

During my last font meltdown (December 2012) a damaged graphic started it all, too, but I’d be willing to bet nobody really gives a crap about this except me. Am I right?

Ever seen the movie Brazil (1985) starring Jonathan Pryce? Sam and I watched it over the weekend. Brazil is a retro/futuristic and frighteningly prophetic science fiction masterpiece — brilliantly combining comedy, film noir, fantasy and horror — from genius Terry Gilliam (“Monty Python”) and is possibly one of the best movies ever made. The visual effects are so breathtaking and imaginative you’ll swear you’re on drugs.


Here’s a general synopsis of the film from the Internet Movie Database:

Bureaucracy and ductwork run amok in the story of a paperwork mixup that leads to the imprisonment of Mr. Buttle, shoe repairman, instead of Harry Tuttle, illegal freelance Air-Conditioning Engineer. Bureaucrat Sam Lowry gets branded a terrorist and becomes hunted by the State himself in the process of correcting the mistake.

Sam Lowry is played by Jonathan Pryce, who’s pictured below in a variety of scenes at home and at work. I love those computers!
Others in the cast include Katherine Helmond as Sam Lowry’s mother (the women in this movie are mostly addicted to plastic surgery), Bob Hoskins as an authorized government air duct repairman and Robert De Niro as the rogue A/C dude they never seem to catch.
Know what? Sam and I took a very nice ride yesterday and had lunch at Rooster’s Roadhouse in Denton. This was a fun, typically-Texas kind of dive featuring burgers, barbecue, happy people and the Dallas Cowboys on TV. We plan to go back, and you can come with us next time if you want, okay? The below map indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters; and B) Rooster’s Roadhouse. Not pictured: one nice handicapped parking spot.
It’s time once again to plan my evening meal. Tonight’s options include: 1) braunschweiger on homemade low carb toast with sugar-free relish; 2) grilled cheese and lots of pickles; and 3) fantasy spaghetti* with almost-meat sauce. For the sake of expediency I’m leaning towards number one.

*Two bags of zero-calorie Miracle Rice, one cup of low-carb pasta sauce and too much parmesan cheese.

Thank you for reading this.

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