Friday, February 18, 2011

The 6 a.m. soup craving.

I got up an hour ago dreaming about homemade soup, which is definitely better than the dream I had night before last about my maids breaking things all over the house and hiding them from me so I wouldn’t know. The soup dream, however, has a basis in fact ... I made chicken barley soup yesterday that didn’t finish cooking until after 9 p.m. and the fragrance is still hanging in the air.

I think somebody should invent a candle that smells like chicken barley soup for people who don’t cook. Other possible candle scents could include “Litter Box” for people without cats, “Exhaust” for people without cars and “Fabric Softener” for people who don’t own a washer and dryer. Feel free to post a comment below or send me an email with your own suggestions. Thank you.

In other news, in an interview yesterday weird little Canadian pop star Justin Bieber offered Rolling Stone magazine his opinions on world politics and abortion. Keep in mind, this kid is barely 16 and looks like a little girl. His fans, who are mostly still in grammar school, would be more interested in his views on bicycles, hair gel and what’s your favorite color.

So here’s what this little genius had to say about politics: “I’m not sure about [political] parties, but whatever they have in Korea, that’s bad.” Bieber then told Rolling Stone he doesn’t believe in abortion, and when asked what about in cases of rape, he said: “Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason.”

If Korea is “bad” and rape “happens for a reason,” what we have here is a Canadian version of SARAH PALIN. Except I think Bieber is prettier. Thank you for reading this.


Lisa said...

You'll be happy to know your niece does not like Justin Bieber and she and her friend (both of whom are 11 yrs old) don't get all the hype surrounding him!

Marcy said...

Know what? After I published this post I started wondering whether or not Anna was excited about this little dweeb. Thank you for the reassurance that I didn’t step on any important toes. Sam and I send our love to all of you.