Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Learning to live with adversity.

I’m trying to overcome a moderately crappy day. There’s a big ice storm on the way overnight with snow tomorrow, I ran out of sugar-free chocolate pudding, and ever since I woke up this morning I’ve been trying to deal with a major system failure by my web host. Not only wasn’t the Howdygram functioning, all 24 of my clients’ websites were offline and I didn’t have any email service! For a while I wanted to blow my brains out, but there’s not much a girl can do about bad weather and the Internet. Unfortunately, I’m still out of chocolate pudding.

As I write this post Sam is driving to Houston for a three-day business trip. He calls every 20 minutes to tell me he’s okay or guess what he ate for lunch or he just passed a big field full of longhorns. This is almost as much fun as being in the car with him except my knees don’t get stiff. For your possible interest, here’s a map that shows Sam’s route on I-45. The pink map pins represent: A) our house in Mesquite; and B) Houston. Zoom in and you can see me waving. I’m the brunette in a red bathrobe just below the map pin at the top.
Before I forget, take a look at this photo from one of those lousy obstructed-view seats at Super Bowl XLV. As long as action on the field takes place between the 45-yard-line and the second hashmark you can see what’s going on. At other times you’re expected to squint at that barely-visible 42-inch TV hanging from a ceiling beam. Show of hands ... would YOU pay $1,200 for a seat like this?
I hope somebody strangles the NFL. Thank you for reading this.

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