Friday, February 4, 2011

Ask and ye shall receive.

My sister-in-law Lisa just commented (see previous post) that I didn’t include any pictures, so I sent Sam outside to play with my digital camera. We don’t have any photos from the ice storm on Tuesday because we never left the house. Today, though, Sam was a willing photographer because he couldn’t wait to romp around in five inches of new snow, no doubt because he grew up winter-deprived in the San Fernando Valley. In MY case, I’d be happy if I never saw this crap again for the rest of my life. (Seriously.)
Please note the white van in the bottom photo. It’s been stuck there for several days because the driveway is a sheet of ice. If it hasn’t been moved by April we’ll plant flowers and turn it into an arboretum.

Incidentally, I’ve been so distracted by the weather this week — and also not having any Internet access for four days — that I never posted the winners of the Howdygram’s New Year Giveaway. So here they are:
We gave away our own exclusive “Thank You for Reading This” merchandise, including five packs of note cards, two mouse pads, two tee shirts and refrigerator magnets for EVERYBODY. Prizes will be in the mail as soon as the roads become passable, which probably won’t be until early next week because there isn’t a snowplow within 350 miles of here. Thank you for reading this.

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Lisa said...

Thanks for the pictures! Pretty crazy weather you're having! I'm sure a bear to live with but it sure looks pretty!
Looking forward to getting my prize too! Thanks!