Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter weather, off the charts.

My niece Melissa just sent me some photos from last week’s blizzard in Chicago. The one on top is a shot of a mountainous six-foot drift blocking her back stairs and burying the patio. The bottom photo shows a snowdrift across her front door. I have no idea how (or why) she got out of the house to take these pictures.
Seriously, I’ll never whine about half an inch of sleet again as long as I live. I’m a native Chicagoan who turned into a winter sissy after spending 12 years in southern California and now almost four in Texas. I’ve lost my sense of perspective. And I don’t own boots, gloves, a hat, Chapstick or a really warm coat, either. Mostly I just write posts and order Chinese food, not necessarily in that order. This doesn’t make me a bad person.

Thank you for reading this. Stay warm.

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