Saturday, February 5, 2011

Admiral Bird reaches the South Pole!

This morning the Howdygram’s resident explorer — Sam — decided to brave our vast wilderness of unplowed roads to shop for a list of essentials at Tom Thumb, which included: 1) mozzarella sticks; 2) Clorox bleach; 3) pepper jack cheese; 4) a lifetime supply of Coke Zero; 5) bananas; 6) nonfat milk; and 7) toilet paper. Sam says the roads are still icy and the parking lot sucks, but his accomplishment is so exciting I almost can’t stand it. However, I regret to report that Tom Thumb is apparently out of bananas.

In other news, it’s time to review another Schwan’s product that we tried this week for the first time: Bagel Dogs with Cheese, which are pretty damn good and way better than the photo (right) would suggest. The sausage inside is actually more like a Smoky Link than a regular hotdog, which is fine with me, and the onion-poppyseed bagel wrap turns out great in the oven. They also come with microwave directions but I’ll bet a nuked bagel dog could make a person gag. And in case you’re wondering, these are FULL-SIZE SANDWICHES and not teeny little appetizers with cocktail weenies inside. I thought you’d all want to know.

Admiral Bird just pulled into the garage with our loot from Tom Thumb, so while he empties the trunk I’m going to fold a mountain of laundry (my project for the day) and eat Cream of Wheat. Hope you have a swell Saturday, and thank you for reading this.

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