Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Killing time with late-night waffles.

Sam called a few minutes ago to let me know he’ll be working late tonight. VERY late. Maybe six more hours, which means he won’t get home until 5 in the morning. I’m not thrilled about this, of course, but to kill some time I’ll just write another Howdygram post, make frozen waffles and watch this week’s episode of “Top Chef All-Stars.” I guess you could say I’m really livin’ la vida loca here.

And now, please allow me to review another new product I tried from Schwan’s this week. This might be their best one yet!
No kidding, Schwan’s Eggplant and Zucchini Pie is as good as anything I’ve ever had in an Italian restaurant. It’s sort of a combination eggplant parmesan and vegetable lasagna with lots of ricotta cheese (exactly like the picture, believe it or not) and really excellent red sauce. I’ve added it to my official “order this forever” list, and it’s my goal — with proper training and practice — to eventually eat an entire tray all by myself when nobody’s looking.

Thank you for reading this. Have y’all filed your tax returns yet?

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