Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mazel tov to Lisa and other news.

As a quick follow-up to Friday night’s post, my sister-in-law Lisa correctly identified Billy Gray, former child star from The Day the Earth Stood Still and TV’s “Father Knows Best.”
Billy is 73 years old. I’ll bet he would have aged better if he’d still been performing for the last 40 years. Now he just looks like an ordinary old guy with a bunch of age spots. I’m just saying.

If you’re interested, I spent most of the day on Saturday rolling coins and watching “Two Fat Ladies” reruns on the Cooking Channel. Around 5 Sam and I decided to go to dinner at Royal China in Dallas, arriving just in time for the invasion of early-bird senior citizens — a group to which we proudly belong. Royal China has terrific food (including the best cream cheese wontons EVER) plus an energetic noodle dude who entertains in the dining room. For more details from an earlier Howdygram post with an actual photo of the aforementioned energetic noodle dude, click here.

I’m going back to bed now because I need to rest up for another full day of coin-rolling. DON’T FORGET TO ENTER OUR CONTEST. Thank you for reading this.

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