Thursday, June 16, 2011

A tale of heat and heartburn.

I apologize that I didn’t take time to write a post on Wednesday, but I was under the weather and only felt motivated to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. First, I woke up yesterday morning with severe and unexplainable pain in my left knee that never subsided. Then I had another round of indigestion — which, I eventually discovered, only happens when my stomach is EMPTY — followed by a scary low blood sugar episode during the evening that required stuffing myself with raisins, Sam’s breakfast cereal and little chewable glucose tablets to avoid turning into a clammy, disoriented heap.

As a result I spent most of the day limping, staggering, whining and burping. Posting did not fit into my plans.

I feel much better this morning except my left knee is still out of whack. Today’s goal, therefore, will be to get it back in whack somehow. Two or three hours of additional sleep would definitely help.

In other news, we’re FRYING here in the Dallas area! Temperatures are now in the triple digits every day with relentless sunshine and humidity hovering around 50%. This basically feels like sticking your head in the oven to baste a turkey. According to our next chance for rain — of which we’ve had NONE so far in June — will be possible scattered thunderstorms next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. But I’ll believe it when I see it.

Time to go back to bed. More later.

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