Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Enter today. Anybody can win!

I want to begin by repeating part of yesterday’s post regarding the Howdygram’s brand new contest. We’re getting ready to empty and count Sam’s giant change jar — which stands 19" tall and weighs 145 pounds — and think y’all should have a chance to guess the value of the contents. Grand prize is a crate of valuable Howdygram gifts and Texas-themed treasures. Everybody else will win a genuine Howdybuck that can be redeemed for your choice of consolation prizes to be announced at a later date.
I also want to stress that EVERYBODY IS WELCOME TO ENTER, including complete strangers, amused foreigners and distant relatives. Click here. Thank you.

Sam and I are having a damn exciting week and think all of you deserve to know exactly what’s happening in Howdygramland. Tonight I’m folding a mountain of socks and underwear. Tomorrow our maid service will be here to do what they call “spring cleaning” (windows, cabinets, ceiling fans, moose heads and so on) and afterwards I’ll go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy a pile of fun crapola like little condiment spreaders, a new shower puff and a pair of nice serving bowls.

On Friday Sam will see the plastic surgeon at 10 a.m. to get the remaining stitches removed from his legs and I’ll drive to Central Market in Dallas to load up on ingredients for Sunday lunch because Sam’s brother and his wife (Steve and Therese) will be here. I’d much rather do Central Market on Saturday, but the store is intensely crowded on weekends and the deli counter is worse than the Apple Store in Manhattan when they launch a new iPhone. Seriously, it’s so mobbed you wind up with ticket #93 and they’re calling #16, and nobody EVER lets you move up in line even if you look pathetic, carry a cane, start to cry and drag a leg. (I speak from experience.)

Some assorted Central Market photos appear below. If you don’t have a Central Market where you live you should be very jealous.
I guess that’s about all for tonight, mostly because Sam will be home from work by 10:15 and I want to finish folding the last pile of socks before he gets here. It’s very important for a wife to keep up with socks. Thank you for reading this.

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