Sunday, January 9, 2011

A couple of quick Sunday morning updates.

My post about the Charcoal Oven restaurant on January 3 stirred up some interesting responses. A girlfriend from grammar school (Marilyn) emailed the post to her sister, who commented:
I, too, was always HAUNTED by [the Charcoal Oven] even before I knew it was a Twilight Zone or some kind of black hole. I mean, what kind of Jewish kid wants to follow her family into a place with NO WINDOWS that calls itself an OVEN?
And now, for the weather watchdogs among you, it appears that our overnight ice storm didn’t materialize (it’s raining instead) and the winter storm we expected later today with up to five inches of snow has been downgraded to an irritating ADVISORY. This means: 1) No snowman for Sam; 2) everybody at is a pathological liar; and 3) I’m still making my homemade potato salad. Our current weather map looks like this:
Incidentally, even though there’s no ice storm this morning we’ll still skip brunch at Blue Mesa because nobody wants to go out on purpose when it’s 37° and pouring rain ... particularly ME. We’ll just stay inside instead, light the fireplace, eat things and watch a couple of NFL games.

Thank you for reading this. What are YOU doing today?

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