Monday, January 17, 2011

Mazel tov to the Chicago Bears.

They did it. The Bears squished the Seattle Seahawks 35 to 24 in yesterday’s divisional playoff game at Soldier Field. I don’t think anybody in the stands paid attention to the crappy weather (19° with blowing snow), although I got so cold watching in high-definition that I had to make Cream of Wheat and wrap myself in a blanket. The photo below shows quarterback Jay Cutler congratulating Brian Urlacher for being really bald.
The next Bears game is this coming Sunday when they play the Green Bay Packers in Chicago. THIS IS A VERY BIG HOO-HAH FOR ME, and I sincerely hope the Bears can kick those curds right back to dairyland. Hold a good thought.

I’m going to organize some closet and pantry shelves now with a bunch of very cool stuff I bought yesterday at The Container Store. Actually, I placed my order online last week and then sent Sam to the retail store in Dallas to pick it all up. This is actually a very smart way to shop. You don’t get charged for shipping, you don’t have to shlep through the store and there’s NO IMPULSE BUYING ... which is a major issue for me because I love their products and typically want everything I can get my hands on.

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