Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here comes winter and other observations.

I guess we won’t make it to Blue Mesa for Sunday morning brunch after all. I just checked and there’s a red-alert winter storm warning — in SCARY GIANT TYPE — for overnight tonight and all day tomorrow. This includes: 1) rain for a few hours until the temperature drops; 2) an obnoxious layer of ice; and 3) up to five inches of snow. I can tell you right now that I will NOT set foot out of the house until Thursday at the earliest, which is the first day next week the temperature here will finally get back up to 40°. I don’t do winter. Sam, however, LOVES this stuff. After he makes his snowman tomorrow I’ll post a couple of pictures. It’s MY plan to hang out in the kitchen making homemade potato salad (see my recipe).

Back in August I wrote a post about Marie Osmond that generated a lot of attention online and quadrupled the Howdygram’s visitor traffic for at least five days afterwards. Basically, I commented that I was suffering from Marie Osmond overkill on TV, that her teeth are too damn big and that she looks like a graduate of the Drag Queen Institute of Fashion and Design. Apparently most of the universe agreed with me, validating my undisputed status as the style maven of Mesquite. In any event, I ran across yet another frightening photo of poor Marie yesterday (see below) alongside an article that says she’s currently desperate enough to remarry her first husband. He must be desperate, too. Marie looks like a transvestite who just finished a 90-minute workout.
I’m going to hunt around for something to eat and watch a movie now with Sam. A sugar-free popsicle and William Powell would be perfect. Thank you for reading this. Send a snow shovel.

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