Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As May draws to a close ...

Please accept my apology for not posting on Sunday or Monday. Sometimes I run out of ideas or decide to hang out on the sofa like a slug watching old movies. In this case, I was guilty of BOTH.

I had an appointment this morning with my rheumatologist, who shared the results of last month’s lab tests. The good news is, I do NOT have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or any other chronic inflammatory disease and therefore will not have to come back. Dr. Willis gave me another prescription for the anti-depressant Amitriptylene Hydrochloride because it’s eliminating the nerve pain in my hands and feet, but next time I need a refill (six months from now, I think) I’ll just ask my regular internist. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY HAPPY PILLS!

I also found out this morning that my blood pressure is pretty low. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, because for the last couple of years I’ve been taking two different medications for HIGH blood pressure and rarely test lower than 130/80. Today, however, it was 102/60, which is more like a reading you’d get from a cadaver. Even worse, I tried testing my blood pressure at home this afternoon and my LifeSource monitor didn’t register any numbers at all. (I know I’m still breathing because somebody who looks like me is typing this post.)

The Howdygram launched a BRAND NEW CONTEST today. All of you are invited to guess how much money is jammed into Sam’s gigantic jar of change, which we plan to empty and count within the next four weeks. Whoever guesses a number that’s closest to the actual amount will win a bunch of Howdygram gifts and Texas-themed treasures. To help you make the best guess possible, this is a five-gallon plastic Sparklett’s bottle that’s 19" tall and weighs 145 pounds. (Sam actually put the jar on our bathroom scale. I have no idea how he lifted it.) Click here to enter!

Smooches to one and all, and thank you for reading this.

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