Monday, May 2, 2011

Big news tonight.

Even bigger than the postponement of William and Kate’s honeymoon is a news story tonight that American troops have found and killed the infamous Saudi terrorist nutjob Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. I just watched President Obama announce the news on
I want to make this a big hoo-hah, but it’s too late to order Chinese food so I’ll have a Marcytini instead and write a mazel tov email to the White House. I also can’t wait to tell Sam, although at the moment he’s asleep in the family room pretending to watch a movie. (He’s not fooling anybody.)

Sunday was a milestone. I turned 59½, making me eligible to collect a big fat lump sum pension payout from a former employer without paying a tax penalty, and I requested all the required paperwork on Thursday. This is slightly surreal, to tell you the truth. A couple of weeks ago I was only 35 years old.

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