Wednesday, May 25, 2011

News from Oz.

The national tornado outbreak hit a little closer to home yesterday when the entire Dallas metro area had a target on its back. The worst of it hit after dark, which makes it damn near impossible to know if a tornado’s coming because YOU CAN’T SEE ANYTHING. Around 9 p.m. when a funnel cloud was detected just west of downtown Dallas, Sam called from work to tell me he was being evacuated to the underground parking garage. A few minutes later I heard Mesquite’s tornado sirens and barricaded myself in our walk-in closet with iced tea and a flashlight.
We escaped damage here at Howdygram headquarters, but the rest of the area wasn’t as lucky. Tornadoes were all around us last night, and just a couple of miles away Sunnyvale had GRAPEFRUIT-SIZE HAIL and wind gusts to 75 m.p.h.

If there’s a plus side to any of this, we desperately needed the rain. Apparently we got about 1½ inches yesterday.

And now — for the frozen food aficionados among you — I’m pleased to offer this quick review of two new Schwan’s products.
Schwan’s Home Style Beef Goulash is basically a sad substitute for Hamburger Helper. The pasta is squishy, the sauce is runny and tasteless, and best of luck trying to feed two people from a package that claims to “serve four.” At $10.95 this is no bargain whatsoever and I strongly suggest a can of soup instead. Schwan’s Cream Cheese Wontons, on the other hand, taste fine, but they’re teeny, need more filling and there aren’t enough of them in the package. Next time I’ll buy two boxes.

Tonight I’m designing a website for a new client who’s an interior designer in Los Angeles. I don’t feel very creative at the moment, however, so I might need Mongolian chicken for inspiration. If I’ve learned one thing from life, there’s NOTHING Mongolian chicken can’t do! Thank you for reading this.

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