Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday night fever.

I’m still sick. After sleeping through the Kentucky Derby this afternoon I sent Sam to CVS for a new digital thermometer. He asked why do I need one if I already know I’m sick, so I told him I require an exact temperature reading in order to adjust my whining to an appropriate level. The thermometer he brought home is manufactured by Vicks, and I love it. It’s easy to read, it’s really fast and — best of all — I can actually hear it BEEP. (There are lots of sounds I don’t hear very well any more. Teeny beeps top the list.)

My temperature at the moment is 99.2°. Send Jello.

Incidentally, Sam and I never made it to Pei Wei today so we ordered in Chinese food for dinner. Nothing works on a cold like Mongolian Chicken. And egg rolls.

I think I’ll prowl around now for chocolate chip cookies. Thank you for reading this.

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