Thursday, May 19, 2011

The easiest patient in Texas.

Sam came through like a champ today! Surgery at 8:30, in the recovery room at 10:15, and by noon he was sitting next to me in the car, heading home. The medical team at the hospital said Sam did just fine, but unfortunately he looks like he was on the losing team in a street brawl, with bandages, bruises and stitches all over his face and body. He’s been asleep almost nonstop since we got home except for a pizza break at 5 p.m. Sleep is good.
An image of the Texas Regional Medical Center appears above for your possible interest. However, truth in reporting requires me to mention that the sky actually was NOT blue today (it was overcast), lots of people were milling around at the main entrance and there was practically nowhere to park, including handicapped spots. Other than that, this is an accurate rendering.

I think I’ll join Sam in the family room now because he’s sleeping through an Esther Williams movie I’d like to watch and also I have a craving for Schwan’s mini corn dogs. (Seriously.) Thank you for reading this.

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