Friday, May 27, 2011

The voices in my head.

It’s just past 5 a.m. and I totally expect to go back to bed as soon as possible, but first I thought I’d share the latest voices ringing in my head. Today it’s actually MUSIC. More specifically, an addictive number from the 1955 film My Sister Eileen called “Give Me a Band and My Baby,” featuring Betty Garrett, Janet Leigh (with her world-famous traffic-cone boobs), Tommy Rall and Bob Fosse. The melody actually woke me up about half an hour ago so I got out of bed to avoid annoying Sam in case I started singing.

Please send an email to let me know if this song gets stuck in YOUR brain, too, and if you’re as knocked out by the energetic dance moves as I am. Betty Garrett is a firecracker, but keep your eye on Tommy Rall and Bob Fosse because they’re BRILLIANT. (Now you know why I love old movies. Nobody has talent like this any more.)

Incidentally, Sam has a follow-up appointment this morning with his plastic surgeon to remove the stitches from last week’s surgery (see my post) and I’m going to stay home and bake a loaf of whole wheat bread because it sounds like a useful way to start off a holiday weekend. I also might dash over to Costco and stock up on some fun food. I don’t know about YOU, but nothing says Memorial Day like corn on the cob, chicken taquitos and lox.

Here’s wishing y’all a safe and happy holiday. Thank you for reading this.

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