Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday in Howdygramland.

Yard news. It’s done. Our fabulous new cedar fence was stained yesterday and it looks TERRIFIC (see below). Next on our agenda is patio expansion with a cedar arbor to match the fence, and Sam has been busy collecting estimates. We’re so excited we can hardly stand it.
All of this will coordinate beautifully with the commercial-quality chaise lounges we bought a few days ago at Costco. They’re super comfortable and long enough for Sam to lie down without his feet hanging off the end. Sam’s feet are extremely important.
Let’s party! The Howdygram would like to wish y’all a happy Cinco de Mayo, which is Mexico’s annual Mayonnaise Festival sponsored by Hellmann’s. A photo of cinco jars of mayo appears below. My traditional Cinco de Mayo lunch celebration, which begins promptly at noon, will include homemade tuna salad in a rye bread piñata that gets whacked with a large fork.
Adios and thank you for reading this.

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