Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Fox News assclown wins our Putz of the Week award.

I didn’t plan to write a second post today. I wanted a nice quiet dinner in front of the TV with a little bowl of chia seed pudding for dessert and a couple of good movies. Instead, I see an article on about a right-wing, pro-life assclown named Erick Erickson who does on-the-air commentary for Fox News and knew I’d found the perfect candidate for the Howdygram’s latest Putz of the Week award. Behold the assclown:
Yesterday Erickson tweeted (and later deleted) a link to a WHOLESALE COAT HANGER WEBSITE as a nasty crack at pro-choice women. He calls them “kid killers.”
When his tweet caused massive outrage Erickson offered an insulting non-apology: “I must offer up my sincerest apologies to the kid-killing caucus that took it on the chin or other body parts in Texas* last night. I am so sorry. I forget that feminists and other pro-abortion activists really are as humorless as they are stereotyped to be.”

So ... apparently Erickson is okay with abortion as long as the woman and the baby are both killed or mutilated by a coat hanger? What a comfort to know where these misogynist pro-lifers really stand! He has downgraded the fight for women’s reproductive rights into an outrageous and insensitive 140-character JOKE. Therefore, I think the rest of us should donate money to Planned Parenthood and as many pro-choice political candidates as we can afford so we can make sure these neanderthals lose their war against women.

I no longer have a uterus but this issue still means a lot to me. Thank you.

*Referring to the Texas legislature passing their draconian new anti-abortion laws. 

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