Friday, July 5, 2013

North Korea, the entertainment capital of the world.

For your Friday afternoon enjoyment here’s the Howdygram’s pick for music video of the month: 감자자랑 “Potato Pride,” an inspirational song about spuds from Pyongyang, North Korea, the entertainment capital of the world.  

Why potatoes? Because practically everybody in North Korea is starving to death and most are limited to a ration of one potato a day, a sacrifice that apparently excludes their expanding tyrant Kim Jong Un, pictured above, with his million-dollar yacht and team of French chefs. But for sure let’s sing about North Korea’s potatoes! We’re all so lucky to have our potatoes! Jump right in if you know the words, okay?

Here, for your possible interest, is a photo of our lovely new Lafayette Torchiere floor lamp that came a few days ago from To tell you the truth, photos don’t do it justice. It’s on sale for $79.98 but I think it’s every bit as beautiful as any $400 lamp you’ll find at Macy’s or a high-end furniture store. The glass dome is almost two feet in diameter and the on/off switch is operated by a push-button on the floor. I like to use my cane but everybody else can use a big toe.
Our only complaint was the crappy packaging. Kirklands is notorious for using the cheapest styrofoam on earth, and this was no exception. I was in the shower when Sam started unpacking the carton and I could hear him shrieking expletives from three rooms away. We wound up with styrofoam crumbs on EVERYTHING. I guess that’s why God invented vacuum cleaners.

Show of hands. Have any of you ever tried acupuncture? Sam mentioned it yesterday and thinks it might be a possible solution for all the chronic crap that’s affecting my mobility and overall quality of life, such as peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. As a diabetic I’m not too thrilled at the prospect of additional needles, but if acupuncture can alleviate some of this pain I’d be an awfully happy camper. I’ll call Blue Cross on Monday to find out if they cover treatments or not. Stay tuned.

I’ve got a low blood sugar thing going on right now so I’d better start rummaging around for some quick food. Thank you for reading this.


Scott K. Johnson said...

I have to chuckle - as I was reading this I was like "acupuncture?! Don't we already do enough needles?" Haha!

Marcy said...

I know. MORE NEEDLES! Arrgh! When Sam first suggested acupuncture I almost had a stroke, but I’ve had very little success controlling my pain with traditional meds so I figure, why not give this a try? I’ll call Blue Cross on Monday to find out if they cover these treatments or not. (Hold a good thought.)