Monday, July 22, 2013

John Boehner is an American embarrassment and our latest Putz of the Week.

I knew it wouldn’t take long to find the Howdygram’s next Putz of the Week, because if you pay attention to politics there’s no shortage of putzes from which to choose. This time our dishonorable recipient is Speaker of the House and national embarrassment John Boehner, who announced yesterday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that Congress “should not be judged on how many new laws we create,” but rather on “how many laws we repeal.”
John Boehner will certainly be remembered as the crappiest House Speaker in American history no matter how hard he tries to spin it otherwise. His idiotic remark on “Face the Nation” made headlines around the world in a matter of hours.

The point is, Americans elect Congress to work on important issues ... not to collect a paycheck, obstruct the President and wind back the clock. The House of Representatives has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act more than three dozen times and Boehner promises the attempts are not over ... even though Congress has yet to pass a useful jobs bill, overhaul our immigration system, fight climate change, find ways to reduce gun violence and fix the budget sequester. On an immediate level, sequestration is hammering resources for America’s neediest citizens, including schools for Native American children and funding for cancer clinics.

Since 85% of Americans — Democrats AND Republicans — disapprove of Congress, who, exactly, do these assclowns represent? If you’re fed up like everybody else please consider joining Organizing for Action. Click here right now, before you forget.

Here’s some late-breaking news from our Why We All Hate Dentists department. We get a bill in the mail today from DentalWorks, the mysterious parent corporation that owns our nice neighborhood dental professional. In barely legible four-point type — on a 50% gray background — the statement shows a balance for Marcy of $60.12 for relining dentures. Sam hands me the bill and asks when did I ever have my dentures relined, so I say, holy crap, that was at least two years ago. Looking at the bill a little more carefully actually reveals that we don’t owe anybody $60.12 because the number has a teeny tiny minus sign in front of it, which means WE OVERPAID. This is the first time anybody’s ever acknowledged it, and two and half years after the date of service (my dentures were relined in April 2011) DentalWorks still hasn’t refunded the overpayment. Tomorrow I will kill them dead. Please stay tuned for additional developments and thank you for reading this.

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