Sunday, July 28, 2013

I’ve been really, really sick.

In case you’re wondering how come I’ve been silent for the past few days, go ahead and reread the first paragraph of my last Howdygram post. I’VE BEEN SICK. Really, really sick. This morning my fever was so high (see below) that I almost dislocated my jaw from intense chills, and since Friday night I’ve been shaking on the chaise in the family room wrapped in a gigantic 40-pound faux mink blanket with two afghans over my head.

How high, you ask?
It was 102°. But keep in mind ... normal for me is 97°, so when I run a fever of 102° it feels the same as 104° for everybody else. Excruciating. Holy crap. And I’m telling you all this to elicit sympathy, get-well emails, chicken soup, coloring books and cash. I could also use new crayons. Please get in touch immediately for my shipping address.

As soon as I regain my strength I’ll be back to review some of the strange movies I’ve been watching, including: 1) The High and the Mighty (1956) starring John Wayne and Robert Stack; 2) a film noir western called Station West (1948) starring Dick Powell and Jane Greer; and 3) Latin Lovers (1953), a silly dreckfest starring Lana Turner and Ricardo Montalban.

Except I don’t feel well enough to do any of this today, so deal with it and thank you for reading this.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man - that stinks! I'm sorry, Marcy. Sending you all sorts of healing vibes!

Marcy said...

Thank you, Scott, that’s sweet. Today (Monday afternoon) my fever is finally down but my body feels like a pile of Jello. The only activities within my realm of possibility are: 1) lying on he chaise watching movies, if you can call this an “activity”; and 2) peeing. I am very, very good at peeing. I also have zero appetite and zero interest in eating, which results in the occasional very low blood sugar reading, such as right now (it’s 50). I’m hoping tomorrow will be better. I might sleep through it. So … how’s everything with you?