Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday night at Howdygram headquarters. Yee-haw.

It’s been mighty weird around here this weekend watching Sam try to recharge from the longest work-week in recorded history ... 135 hours over 12 consecutive days. The poor old cowpoke is beyond exhausted and struggling to cope with even the most routine tasks, such as basic motor skills and sentence construction. The road to recovery started yesterday morning with an emergency trip to Costco for a pile of our favorite crapola, including: 1) rotisserie chicken salad; 2) a five-pound sack of pistachios; 3) frozen fully-cooked Angus burgers; 4) sushi; 5) breakfast burritos; 6) fabulous salsa; 7) “loaded” potato salad; 8) blackberries; and 9) a tub of fresh pineapple. We’ve been eating all weekend, mostly nonstop except for naps, which was our plan in its entirety from the get-go.

Breaking news from the Howdygram Sports Desk! Phil Mickelson won the British Open today at Muirfield Golf Course in Scotland after a brilliant fourth round of birdies. The weather was a blustery nightmare of crazy wind from the North Sea and golf balls flying backwards, and Phil was the only player on Sunday to finish under par. Here he is, looking happy. Tiger’s fans, not so much. (Tiger finished sixth.)
We’ve got some wonderful entertainment on tap for tonight. First up, we have to finish watching The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962), a one-star dreckfest featuring mad scientists and a woman’s severed head (with lipstick and perfect eyeliner) being kept alive in a puddle of electrified Kool-Aid. In the tradition of Ed Wood’s putridly hilarious Plan 9 from Outer Space, just about everything in this film is really lousy, including the sets, script, acting, props, sound and story. Frankly, Sam and I love this crap. It’s exactly what we need. Too bad I can’t eat popcorn any more.
Thank y’all for reading this.

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