Saturday, August 17, 2013

Calm down, people. It’s a rash!

I thought it might be nice to squeeze in a quick Howdygram post before I hit the sack tonight in case you were starting to worry that I forgot about you. (I didn’t.)

The hot story from Dallas tonight is MEASLES. Yes, friends, there’s a SHOCKING MEASLES OUTBREAK here with 14 new cases reported in the past week. State health officials are having a cow about this and issued a statewide alert urging immediate immunization against this “highly dangerous and contagious disease.”

Although measles were thought to have been eradicated a number of years ago, I really have no idea why an outbreak is such a big damn deal. When I was kid EVERYBODY had the measles. They were a rite of passage like chickenpox, skinned knees and strep throat. I had ’em. My sister had ’em. We all had ’em. But the Texas Department of State Health Services is making it sound like measles are in the same category as leprosy, typhoid fever or the bubonic plague. CALM DOWN, PEOPLE. It’s a rash!

Thank you.

In other news, behold the most frightening face of a criminal I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Those beady eyes, that 30-inch neck ... HOLY CRAP, is this dude creepy, or what? His name is Jared Remy and he stabbed his girlfriend to death. I vote we should do the same thing to him. As soon as possible.
Sam and I have no plans for Sunday if y’all would like to come over and watch a few movies with us. Any time after 1 p.m. is just fine. You can bring a coffee cake if you want, or a couple of sweet rolls. Shalom.

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