Saturday, August 10, 2013

I ate a bowl of chocolate frosting tonight.

I’ve got six important news flashes for a hot Saturday night in Texas. They are:

NEWS FLASH #1. I just finished taking 10 days of antibiotics for the urinary tract infection that tried to murder me. No kidding, people … it was E.coli. Holy crap!

NEWS FLASH #2. Sam bought me two gigantic jars of green olives this morning at Costco. There’s almost nothing I love better than green olives except for cheesecake and Mongolian chicken.

NEWS FLASH #3. I slept through Sunset Boulevard today.

NEWS FLASH #4. After dinner tonight I did something so decadent I’m almost afraid to tell you, but what the hell. I had a serious craving for something fudgy so I made low-carb chocolate frosting and ate the whole damn bowl with a soup spoon while I watched The Bad and the Beautiful starring Lana Turner and Kirk Douglas.

NEWS FLASH #5. I’d like to start a Ramon Novarro appreciation club. I never realized how adorable he was until I saw him this morning in The Cat and the Fiddle (1934) co-starring Jeanette MacDonald. Not only was he wonderful as Jeanette’s love interest, in the span of 90 minutes he was also hilarious, sweet, serious and touching. Ramon could even play the piano and had a really nice head of hair.
NEWS FLASH #6. I can’t think of anything else and thank you for reading this.

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