Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Sunday afternoon activities will be limited to sushi, lemonade and televised golf.

I woke up feeling not too bad this morning until I took my temperature and discovered it was 95.6°. Holy crap. To make sure somebody wasn’t delusional (i.e., me) Sam retrieved the other digital thermometer from the master bathroom, and yup, we got the same result. How can a person who’s not a cadaver have a body temperature that low? Medical science baffles me. Everything you read says I should be completely hypothermic if my temperature 95°, yet here I am, horsing around with the Howdygram and obviously still alive.

I’m also waiting for Sam to get home from Costco, where he’s loading up on tasty whatnots for the coming week, such as a big tub of fresh pineapple, “loaded” baked potato salad and sushi (for yours truly). If the price is right I’ll also ask him to bring home a gigantic package of ground chuck so I can make a nice meatloaf for dinner. He’s supposed to call when he gets to the meat department. I’m thinking that should be almost any minute.

This afternoon I’m hoping to watch Tiger Woods win the Bridgestone Invitational. He’s had quite an impressive weekend of golf — tying his lowest-ever round of 61 on Friday — and his score is currently 15 under par. GO TIGER!
Looks like it’s finally summer in north Texas. We had very reasonable and unexpectedly pleasant weather in May, June and July with occasional rain, no temperatures higher than the mid-90s and many weeks only in the 80s. August, of course, is kicking off with a bang, as evidenced by this forecast (see below) from Yes, people, it’s dry as the Sahara and DAMN HOT around here now, and that’s why my Sunday afternoon activities will be limited to sushi, a couple quarts of lemonade and televised golf. Is this a great life, or what?
Many thanks for stopping by today. Next time you should think about bringing a coffee cake or a few pieces of fruit.

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