Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sam is buying tires and eating pancakes at the same time.

Sam is buying tires as I write this post. Two, to be exact. And because Discount Tire is next door to IHOP on the Interstate 30 service road, while he’s waiting for installation he also gets to eat breakfast. In a restaurant. With PANCAKES. Holy crap. The map below indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters; B) IHOP; C) Discount Tire; and D) the grubbiest Dairy Queen on earth, which technically has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject of this paragraph. I’m just saying.
I’m having a major issue with my favorite browser today. I use Firefox, which is arguably the best — and the most temperamental — wad of software on the market. How come? Because any time Firefox decides it doesn’t like a URL, you’re screwed. Today’s issue: Firefox won’t let me into the Social Security Administration’s website, All I get is an error window with a big fat yellow excalamation point telling me the site isn’t available and please check if I’m even connected to the Internet. Sorry, you insulting clowns, but I’m definitely online because I can connect to with Chrome and Safari!

Know what? I’m also having a major issue today with my EXPENSIVE NEW PROGRESSIVE TRIFOCALS. I picked them up at Costco on Thursday but didn’t really notice until this morning that I can’t actually read with these stupid things. If you think it’s weird that it took me two whole days to figure this out, it’s really NOT. I wear a different pair of glasses when I work at my computer and that’s where I do most of my reading. You know, online. I didn’t discover the issue with my new trifocals until I tried to read an article in TCM’s Now Playing magazine a couple of hours ago and realized that everything smaller than 12 points is a total blur. This sucks, people. My next step will be a quick trip back to the optometrist with my new glasses in tow to find out if they match her prescription or not. Stay tuned for further developments but please feel free to continue a normal routine in the meantime.

Thank you for reading this.

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