Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dollar Tree’s website carries all the same weird no-name crap as their retail stores.

One of the sad outcomes of being a senior citizen such as moi with mobility issues is the fact that I don’t get to go shopping any more in stores. And I miss them all. You know ... discount stores, snooty stores, cheesy stores, Apple stores, warehouse clubs, hardware stores, lawn and garden departments, shoe stores, drug stores and supermarkets. I’ve managed to find occasional solace online with Amazon and Wal-Mart, but yesterday I finally climbed another rung when I discovered DollarTree.com. People … please give this a shot. Although most of their products online are sold only by the case, Dollar Tree’s website carries all the same weird no-name crap as their retail stores with the added bonus of cheap flat-fee shipping. I got so excited I almost couldn’t stand it.
Pictured above is a sampling of Dollar Tree’s cybershit, including hard-to-find wax fruit, canned briny mackerel, gas pills, organic chicken broth, hemorrhoid goo, salad dressing and pop-up foil sandwich wrappers. I ordered a case of chicken broth and eight boxes of the Reynolds foil whatnots. FYI, the foil whatnots were only $1 each; Amazon sells the same product for $4.99. These are the big foil sheets, too ... 14" x 10¼". Wow, am I right?

There’s a new toy on the way for Sam! He chose an Earthwise PWO1650 electric pressure washer last week as a thank you gift from Wells Fargo for refinancing our mortgage. As soon as it arrives he plans to attack the patio, the floor of the garage and damn near anything else he can get his hands on. We both think this is a really cool freebie when you consider that pressure washers sell for about $125 and up. If you come over he might let you play with it.
I think I need to eat something now and watch TV with Sam. I’ve got leftover Chinese from last night and a couple of decent Humphrey Bogart movies saved on our DVR: In a Lonely Place (1950) with Gloria Grahame and The Left Hand of God (1955) with Gene Tierney. I know I say this a lot, but I love my life.

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