Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Averting disaster and other upcoming activities.

Everybody loves a bargain, me included, so on Monday afternoon I got lured into adding AT&T U-Verse fiber optic television, high-speed Internet and digital phone to our current AT&T landline service (we have two lines here). AT&T came up with a mighty fine deal that includes a few bazillion TV channels with all the premium movies, high-definition and a DVR that records up to four programs at the same time. And because AT&T says I’m such a valuable customer they offer to waive the Installation Fee, Receiver Fee and Residential Gateway Fee and promise to send me a pair of Visa gift cards. All this hoo-hah actually costs about $75 a month LESS than we’re currently paying altogether for AT&T phone service and Time-Warner cable TV and Internet. So I set up installation for March 18 and can’t wait to tell Sam about my brilliant accomplishment.

And then (thankfully) I decide I’d better do a little research.

I make two phone calls and find out from First National Processing that my credit card terminal (pictured below) — which I just replaced in December to be in compliance with new Federal laws — is “dial-up only” and won’t work on a fiber optic phone line, and Epson tech support tells me the fax that’s built into my new WorkForce 635 printer (the one I ordered last night) isn’t compatible with fiber optics, either.
Frankly, a few extra cable channels aren’t worth this much upheaval and inconvenience, so I call AT&T and cancel EVERYTHING. They don’t love me any more.

And now a brief rundown of my upcoming activities this week, which include: 1) emptying the dishwasher; 2) getting a mammogram today at 2:30; 3) a quarterly preventive visit from our pest control company on Thursday afternoon; and 4) tweezing my eyebrows. I’m not thrilled about item two, and item four gets harder all the time because I can’t see what I’m doing.

Incidentally, next Tuesday morning I’m scheduled for a stress test. My cardiologist’s name is Mohammad Khan. Oy.

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