Friday, March 25, 2011

Making progress, one limp at a time.

To get a better picture of my ongoing physical problems — and especially the latest issue concerning lupus — Dr. M has referred me to a rheumatology specialist at the Arthritis Center of Texas, which is located somewhere in the vicinity of Baylor Hospital in Dallas. I Googled this photo for your possible interest.
The Arthritis Center’s website had eight pages of new patient forms for me to download, and I have to admit ... I’m extremely impressed with all the very specific questions about my mobility (or lack of it), the degree of difficulty and pain I experience doing a huge variety of everyday tasks, my medical history, my family’s medical history, and so on. This is one appointment I’m really looking forward to. Stay tuned and send Jello.

In other news, a nice handyman named Gary came over this morning to do some work for us around the house. He recaulked the kitchen counters, installed a new doorbell and bolted our gigantic freestanding headboard to the wall in the master bedroom because the silly thing was always leaning forward. Please don’t ask me to explain why it took us almost four years to deal with this issue. A headboard portrait appears below. (I snapped this picture 10 minutes ago.)
It occurs to me that I’m not in a very spunky mood tonight. My stomach hasn’t fully recovered after the night from hell (see post) and I still feel queasy. At times I assume it’s because I’m not eating very much, although after I eat I don’t feel better, anyway. All of this crap is probably creating some havoc with my blood sugar, too, and for this reason I’m annoyed, crabby and not in the mood to fold towels.

More tomorrow. I’m going to put my feet up for a while and watch a movie. Thank you for your patience.

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