Friday, March 18, 2011

Well-connected and wired to the max.

Seriously, change doesn’t come easy for me. The older I get, the more I worry. For the last few days I was in a state of clammy panic about our AT&T U-Verse installation today. All kinds of scary baloney kept whizzing through my head, like will AT&T have to drill holes in our house, do they know what to do with our Bose home theatre and can I find a private class somewhere on how to use the new remote. Fortunately, the entire installation experience was totally painless and took less than two hours, ending with one-on-one remote control instruction with Josh the Friendly Technician. I even have a hard-copy channel guide that’s the size of Webster’s unabridged dictionary ... 470 CHANNELS. Holy crap.

In case you’re interested, I have some HUGE PLANS for the weekend. They include: 1) driving to The Container Store in Dallas to pick up some desk organizers I ordered online; 2) lunch with Sam at El Nogalito even though I’m not 100% convinced I have a taste for enchiladas with Cheez Whiz; and 3) enough laundry to sink the U.S.S. Enterprise. Number three is mostly due to the enormous pile of new monogrammed towels that arrived yesterday plus a lot of sheets, two weeks’ worth of socks and a ton of underwear. I’m feeling thoroughly overwhelmed due to continuing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. (Try folding socks one-handed and you’ll get my drift.)

As if we needed more bad news, I just saw a headline that President Obama has OK’d military action to stop Charlie Sheen’s evil twin, megalomaniac Moammar Gaddafi. This scares me. Gaddafi has already made it pretty clear that he’ll fight to the death to hang onto whatever he’s got in Libya, strangely like Sheen with his “violent torpedo of truth” and “fire-breathing fists.”

God help us.

Time to throw in another load of laundry while I’m on a roll here. Thank you for stopping by. I mean it.

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