Thursday, March 10, 2011

Patience and simplicity.

It’s Thursday night, and I’m waiting. Waiting for Sam to come home from work. Waiting for Betty, my Mac technician, to come over tomorrow and set up my new Epson printer. Waiting for UPS to deliver 200 velvet hangers from so I can redo the closet in the master bedroom. Waiting for Saturday so Sam and I can buy our new bed.

That last one — the new bed — is an extremely big deal. I even printed out online coupons from all the mattress stores here in Mesquite, although with or without coupons the prices are mysteriously identical at every store. Mattress Giant, for example, is advertising “58% off all Simmons mattress sets” ... except they doubled their prices first. Our shopping excursion will take us to one or more of the following stores, all pinpointed on the map below for your possible interest. They are: A) The Sleep Experts; B) Mattress Giant; and C) Mattress Firm.
Bed-buying will be followed by a brief excursion to Kirkland’s, located about half an inch to the right of “B” on the map, because they’re having a sale and I’m ready for a few new doodads to spruce up the house. (I won’t spring the Kirkland’s idea on Sam until the very last minute in an effort to avoid the inevitable Scrunchy Face of Disapproval.) And finally, when we’re all done shopping, we’ll head north to Carrollton for dim sum, which is a critical element of our weekend activities.

And now it’s time for a hot shower, leftover chicken and an old movie. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget your umbrella.

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