Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The motivated shopper.

I feel a whole lot better today, in case you’ve been concerned. I’m finally crawling out of that funk from the last few days, behaving more like a genuine Marcy again. Translation: I’ve been SHOPPING ONLINE. This is the best mood-changer on the planet and you don’t have to wear a bra or look for parking.

In the interest of nostalgia my first purchase was a big bottle of Rive Gauche spray perfume from FragranceShop.com, a scent I haven’t worn since I was in college 40 years ago. My motive makes perfect sense. I was sad to find out a couple of days ago that a former boyfriend — Joel — passed away last year, and Rive Gauche was the fragrance I wore about the same time we were dating. I know Sam won’t mind if I have a sentimental need to smell like a 20-year-old student for a little while.

I also bought myself some new desk organizers (see below) from The Container Store ... a drawer unit thing to organize my inkjet paper and envelopes and two file trays that fit on top of the drawer unit thing. I actually ordered mine in a different color — “smoke” — but they didn’t have a decent picture for me to use. (I’m trying to rise above the disappointment.)
Oy. I just saw a sickening “breaking news” bulletin on MSNBC.com about the crisis in Japan: RADIATION SURGE FORCES WORKERS TO SUSPEND NUCLEAR CONTAINMENT EFFORTS. The horror of this leaves me without words. Thank God I’ve still got more shopping to do.

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