Thursday, March 31, 2011

Holy crap. It happened again!

Sometimes the best of intentions just don’t work out. As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to try another dose of Ultracet as a follow-up to last Wednesday’s food poisoning fiasco (see post) to find out if I’d ever be able to take this medication for chronic pain or not. So I took one pill with dinner last night, and BLAM ... within 20 minutes I was lost in a miserable, nauseated, dizzy stupor. I turned down the lights, muted the TV and couldn’t get up off the sofa for almost five hours until Sam got home from work. I WILL NEVER TOUCH THESE NASTY PILLS AGAIN. I woke up 45 minutes ago to take all the night-time meds I had to skip in case I barfed.
Thank God this entire experience is behind me. Later today I’m going to throw the rest of my Ultracet prescription from the overpass on Interstate 30 one pill at a time and watch 18-wheelers run them over. Seriously.

I do have some mighty good news, however. Richard Blais won “Top Chef All-Stars” last night. He was my favorite contestant. Sweet, funny, neurotic, self-deprecating and (apparently) extremely talented even though he cooks things like black cod with bone marrow and kumquats and — hold on — FOIE GRAS ICE CREAM for dessert. Scary stuff but the judges loved it. In the finale he beat arrogant little Mike Isabella, who spent the entire season sweating on his food.

The last episode always makes me sad because this is one of my favorite shows. I’ll have to compensate for now with a few extra “Operation Repo” reruns until “Top Chef Masters” starts on April 6.

I just remembered we’ve got leftover pizza in the refrigerator. Thank you for reading this.

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