Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to stay balanced, part one.

When sleep deprivation turns your life upside down there’s only one way to get back on track, and that’s a middle-of-the-night SHOPPING SPREE at any or all of my favorite websites:, and Shopping is good for your soul, balances your brain and it’s not even necessary to spend a lot of money.
So ... here are the fruits of last night’s credit card extravaganza. I bought a bunch of cute new cheapo fonts, a set of six flameless LED pillar candles from and a rustic mantle clock from for the family room because our new AT&T DVR doesn’t show you what time it is and eventually this will drive me nuts.
And now for something truly ironic. Last night when Sam got home from work we started surfing through the 470 high-definition premium channels we get with our new AT&T U-Verse service, and the only program worth watching was an NFL bloopers rerun from 1995. I briefly considered blowing my brains out until I noticed that HBO was showing Gattaca at midnight. I like Gattaca.

Thank you for reading this.

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