Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tidbits and possibilities.

Howdy. I’ve had a very annoying day so far, mostly because my left hand is all cramped-up again and even TYPING is painful now. The problem is, I can’t bend any of my fingers! So in addition to not being able to type I also can’t grip a Marcytini, fold a pair of socks, turn a doorknob or empty the dishwasher. However, I can still operate the remote and order Mongolian Chicken. Life is not a total loss.

Yesterday Aunt Adie emailed the following photo of Sam’s mom posing at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. I think Belle looks very comfortable at the podium and should consider running in 2012. I’d even be willing to help her pick out a fancy hat and edit her inaugural address.

And finally, I thought y’all might enjoy the following video clip ... it’s Jimmy Fallon’s impression of Charlie Sheen being insane. Fallon really nailed it. Somebody remind me to watch his TV show once in a while.

Next time you stop by bring a coffee cake. Thank you.

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