Monday, April 11, 2011

The big fence adventure, day one.

It was a beautiful, clear day after a night of crazy thunderstorms, and the crew from Sunnyvale Fence showed up as planned this morning at the crack of 9. Sam was already outside on the driveway waiting for them because he was exceptionally excited and fully dressed in shorts. The following five photos illustrate what the fence installers accomplished so far on day one.
I would have finished this hours ago except I took a nice nap as soon as the crew left at 4 and then amused myself with other projects like dinner, a hot shower and watching half a movie I recorded a couple of days ago ... Dear Brigitte with Jimmy Stewart and Fabian. I’ll try to finish up the other half before Sam gets home from work tonight because he hates movies from the 1960s except for The Sound of Music and Lawrence of Arabia and has very little use for Fabian. Thank you for reading this.

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