Friday, April 15, 2011

What a difference a day makes.

There are two major updates to Thursday’s post, so I’ll just leap right in with the following quick summary: 1) My missing caraway seeds are on the way; and 2) AT&T did great and erased all the mystery overcharges from our April statement. Apparently an illiterate bozo reconfigured our four-year-old landline as a NEW ACCOUNT and charged us for setup, installation and phone jacks. What the hell.

To celebrate all this good fortune I ordered a really adorable black leather cross-body shoulder bag today. I’ve been having a serious purse crisis for the last couple of years because it’s damn near impossible to carry one when you’ve got a cane in one hand and neuropathy in the other.
Sam just got home from work, which means it’s time to warm up his chicken fried rice and spend some time with him in the family room watching two “People’s Court” episodes from this afternoon. Thank you for reading this.

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