Sunday, April 10, 2011

Clean cars and chicken salad rolls.

It’s Sunday morning — a windy, warm, brilliantly sunny Sunday in north Texas. And to celebrate our brilliantly sunny Sunday, Sam just left for the car wash with our grimy black Hyundai, which will subsequently transport us to Pei Wei on Forest Lane for an early lunch before the church crowds show up. We love Pei Wei.
Pictured above are Pei Wei’s neatly-wrapped Vietnamese chicken salad rolls with two kinds of sauce, my second-favorite appetizer after their hot & sour soup (see right). Sam and I always get the large order of hot & sour soup, which in most situations could feed a family of four. For us it’s perfect for TWO. I’d probably lick the bowl if nobody was watching.

Today is round four of the Masters at Augusta National. If you enjoy watching scrawny Irish children play golf, 21-year-old Rory McIlroy is in the lead at 12 under par. Tiger Woods, who had an excellent second round on Friday with a whole pile of consecutive birdies, sunk back into crapville yesterday when he missed two-foot putts and whacked the ball onto the wrong fairway. The best part of this tournament is actually the golf course itself, which is loaded with blooming magnolia trees and lots of fancy little footbridges. If nothing else, at least the landscaping is terrific.

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