Saturday, April 30, 2011

An early Saturday assessment.

The clock says 8 a.m. and Sam is outside drinking coffee on the patio, but that’s the only indication I’ve got that it’s really morning around here. The sky is getting darker by the minute, and it’s almost gloomy enough to send me back to bed for a couple of hours. That’s not such a bad idea, actually, because I really don’t have anything else to do until Costco opens at 10. Sam and I are overdue for a Costco adventure.

During the royal wedding yesterday I was dumbfounded when I saw Princess Anne seated in Westminster Abbey. I don’t know if anybody remembers what she looked like as a young woman, but this is one royal who has not aged very well. As a matter of fact, she’s officially number one in the HOLY CRAP category. See for yourself.
At 60 years old Anne doesn’t look half as good as her mother, who’s 85, or her father, who is absolutely amazing at 90.
Incidentally, it’s not just Prince Philip’s LOOKS that amaze me ... it’s also his physical condition. I watched him during the wedding yesterday, standing for all the hymns and walking the entire length of that monstrously enormous church TWICE. He doesn’t even use a cane. I wish I knew his secret, because some days I can’t make it from the kitchen to the bedroom. However, I’m sure I’d feel fabulous, too, if somebody gave me the crown jewels, catered all my meals and chauffeured me around Mesquite in a solid gold coach. I’m just saying.

And now it’s time to get ready for Sam & Marcy’s Trip to Costco. Today’s shopping list includes such essentials as barbecue sauce, lox, Ziploc bags, stuffed mushrooms and an industrial-size box of Efferdent. Thank you for reading this. Seriously.

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