Sunday, April 3, 2011

Strange phenomena.

At the moment there are two, and I’m going to use my friendly Howdygram forum to share them with y’all.

Number one. Maybe somebody can explain to me why I’m sleeping better at night since I gave up sedatives. Giving up caffeine I can understand, but SEDATIVES? I’d been taking a low-dose over-the-counter sleeping pill every night for years and years and years, starting when I lived in California and owned a custom chocolate company that kept me busy 24/7. Eventually I realized I couldn’t turn my brain off to fall asleep at night so these teeny little sleeping pills really did the trick. I finally gave them up a couple of weeks ago when my doctor prescribed a new medication (Ultracet) for chronic pain that was supposed to make me drowsy. Even though Ultracet didn’t work out — actually, it almost KILLED me — I never went back to the sleeping pills. And surprise, surprise, I’m getting a lot more sleep WITHOUT them!

Number two. This one’s scary: I’VE LOST MY SENSE OF TASTE. I first noticed this a few weeks ago when my appetite decreased and I began adding an awful lot of Tabasco or soy sauce to make things taste good. It all went downhill FAST, however, because right now I can’t taste anything at all except over-salted food (i.e., Campbell’s soup), extra-spicy Chinese or whatever’s cold and sweet, like my world-famous Goofy Fruity Shake. I did a web search last night for the phrase “taste disorder” and discovered it’s a rare side effect of one of my diabetes medications (Metformin), which means I’ve got something new to whine about next time I see Dr. M. Mostly, I’d like to know if a condition like this can be reversed. Is this crappy, or what?
For instance, Sam and I had an early dinner today at Scotty P’s, our favorite burger joint (see photo), and everything I put in my mouth was completely tasteless even with ketchup and mustard. I took a few sad bites, drank my Diet Coke and we went for a nice long drive all over north Texas because it’s spring and we love to hang out in the car together.

That’s the latest from Club Meds. Hope y’all have a swell Sunday night, and thank you for reading this. Send hot sauce.

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