Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The gefilte fish incident and other stories.

I almost wasn’t going to write a post tonight but changed my mind a few minutes ago when it occured to me that a few of my faithful Howdygram fans might have a stroke. So here I am.

It’s been an eventful day.

Event #1. An 8 a.m. dental appointment almost ended in disaster when my dentist forgot to show up. He materialized at 8:45 as I was getting ready to leave, just in time to take an impression and send my dental appliance to the lab for adjustments. (The lab delivery guy shows up at 9.)

Event #2. I was sick most of the afternoon with an INTESTINAL TSUNAMI that probably can be attributed to last night’s authentic Texas seder, which consisted of gefilte fish, horseradish, Mongolian chicken, pretzel sticks and a pair of old chocolate chip cookies.

Event #3. All of a sudden a whole pile of my clients are requesting new projects, such as redesigned websites, new logo designs, postcard mailers, stationery and magazine ads. I can’t tell if I’m excited about this or not, because I like to consider myself semi-retired and do NOT want my graphic design business to interfere with naps and “People’s Court” reruns. I’m just saying.

Event #4. I went back to the dentist at 4:30 to pick up my adjusted appliance and then hauled ass to get home before a big thunderstorm rolled in from the north. Oklahoma is always sending us their big thunderstorms.

Right now I’m hanging around, waiting for Sam to get home from work so we can watch tonight’s episode of “Deadliest Catch,” the Discovery Channel’s top-rated reality show about a fleet of rugged gefilte fishermen on the Dead Sea (see below). Just in time for Passover!
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