Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday's milestones remembered.

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On Wednesday I finally strayed from my continuing addiction to Mongolian chicken and picked up dinner to go from Dickey’s. It had been at least million years since I’d eaten Texas barbecue and there was also a good coupon that came in the mail. Okay, maybe not a MILLION. Occasionally I lie. Consider it poetic license.
I can describe my Dickey’s feast in two syllables: YEE-HA. I bought a “family pack” so there would be plenty leftover for Sam. This included one pound each of two meats (I got chopped brisket and sausage), three sides, a big tub of their barbecue sauce and some rolls. Everything was terrific, and I’ll definitely do this again soon even though they forgot my free pickles.

Marcy the heartbreaker.
Sam and I didn’t eat a lot of frozen food last week so I didn’t place my usual biweekly order with Schwan’s for Wednesday delivery. This should be no big deal whatsoever, such as not taking out your garbage, because you assume nobody on earth cares if you don’t take out your garbage, right? Maybe you don’t have any, or maybe you don’t have enough to make it worth the effort to drag your cans to the curb and you’d rather wait until next week. Either way, you certainly don’t expect your garbageman to pound on the front door yelling “HEY, WHERE’S YOUR TRASH.”

Well, where Schwan’s is concerned I guess I just can’t casually decide to NOT place an order without raising a red flag. Gary, my delivery driver, who clearly makes a commission on every sale, had a COW. He called here THREE TIMES before 11 a.m. and left semi-frantic messages to ask if I had a serious head injury, how in hell could I not remember today is Wednesday and am I trying to starve myself to death. (Maybe not in those exact words.) I was so creeped out that I let all three messages go straight to voice mail. Apparently signing up for Schwan’s home delivery is a lot like subscribing to Life Alert. You’re never really alone. 

Sam goes shopping.
Not only did he visit Mesquite’s biggest pawn shop yesterday morning, he bought himself a top-of-the-line B-FLAT CLARINET. He’s been wanting a clarinet for years. When we first moved to Dallas he rented one for a few weeks from a music store just to see if he still remembered how to play since high school. Ever since then he’s been harboring a secret desire to buy his own, and yesterday was the big day. As I write this post Sam is in the living room trying to play “Greensleeves.” I’ll let you know when I start to recognize the melody.

Don’t forget to watch the royal wedding tomorrow morning. Live coverage starts at 4 a.m. on every major news network. I will probably watch CNN. Thank you for reading this!

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