Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The big fence adventure, day three.

Is this a knockout, or what? Our glorious eight-foot fence was completed this morning! We finally have enough privacy to hold Technicolor orgies in our own back yard, except we don’t know anybody to invite so Sam and I will just buy a couple of nice chaise lounges and drink ice tea. 
All that’s left to do is stain the cedar boards, and another crew will be here soon to do that. Stay tuned for additional photos.

Iceland’s Penis Museum is in the news this week, proudly unveiling the addition of a pickled human specimen donated by the late Pall Arason, age 95, to its extensive collection of mammal phalluses on display for public enjoyment. Some float in jars, others are mounted on walls.
Museum curator Sigurdur Hjartarson said Arason’s organ will help round out the unusual institution’s extensive collection of phalluses from whales, seals, bears, bulls and other mammals. The museum, located in the small whale-watching village of Husavik, is an essential part of the region’s summer tourist industry and attracts thousands of penis fanatics. The museum’s gift shop features various motorized souvenir versions for female visitors.

All of a sudden I’ve got a craving for kosher hotdogs. Thank you for reading this.

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