Monday, November 4, 2013

Never allow the lying sacks of poo at to deter you from your civic obligation.

In this post: Pins and needles, still kvetching, propositioned in Texas.

Oh boy! Sam came home from Wal-Mart this morning with two cartons of my favorite insulin syringes! In case you ever want to send me a present that’s appropriate for just about any occasion, the kind I use are 1 mL/cc, 29-gauge, 12.7 mm needle length, and Wal-Mart sells them cheap in boxes of 100. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Ready for the latest kvetch report from Howdygram headquarters? I woke up feeling chilled and weird this morning, and my body temperature was only 95.4°. I think I need to make a pot of emergency chicken soup for dinner because a braunschweiger sandwich, although tasty and nutritious, will NOT make me feel better. It’s raining outside and I can’t warm up. Even a nice afternoon nap didn’t help very much, which was complicated by a dream about Queen Elizabeth spending the weekend at my mother’s house and losing her favorite dress — holy crap, right? — so I helped her search all the closets.

Tomorrow is election day and I hope you’re planning to vote for whatever important crapola is on the ballot in your part of the country. Here in Texas we’re voting on nine exciting propositions. According to, the state’s progressive political organization, Democrats are being encouraged to cast their votes as follows:

Proposition 1: YUP
Proposition 2: YUP
Proposition 3: NOPE
Proposition 4: YUP
Proposition 5: YUP
Proposition 6: YUP
Proposition 7: YUP
Proposition 8: YUP
Proposition 9: YUP

Please let me know if you have an interest in any of these vital ballot initiatives and I’ll be happy to provide additional information. (You’re welcome.)

Sam and I plan to vote around 10 a.m. even though there’s an 80% chance of thunderstorms. We refuse to allow the lying sacks of poo at to deter us from our civic obligation and neither should you.

May you live and be well.

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