Friday, November 29, 2013

Meet Josh Romney, son of the eternally-creepy Mitt.

In this post: What a Putz.

I’ll begin my post tonight with the Howdygram’s latest Putz of the Week award. This time it’s entitled trust-fund dickhead Josh Romney, son of the eternally-creepy Mitt, who wants everybody on earth to know he’s a HERO.
Earlier today Romney apparently witnessed a car that crashed into a house. He told NBC News: “I opened the driver side door and spoke with the four passengers inside the car. Miraculously, they appeared to have no major injuries. I was able to help each of them get out of the car and lift them down to the ground.” Then he asked a passerby to shoot the following photo while he tweeted a Romney-centered news bulletin to his pals.
So here’s a next-generation Romney who, in a rare attempt to do something useful for the non-Mormon general public, still manages to make us sick to our collective stomachs by posing next to the wreck, grinning and gesturing like he just landed a prize fish. And even though there seems to be no limit to the power of magic Mormon underwear, moving accident victims before the paramedics arrive is just plain STUPID. What a douchecanoe.

FYI, magic Mormon underwear is actually a real thing, people, and I’ll include an image for your possible interest. If this excites you please visit to learn more. (No, I’m not kidding. Mormon underwear has its own website.)
I have to eat dinner now. Thank you.

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