Friday, November 29, 2013

Why I love

In this post: Black Friday insanity.

Now that we’ve finished scraping the crud off last night’s dishes it’s time to acknowledge the REAL purpose of Thanksgiving weekend.

Here for your possible interest are four of the best Wal-Mart riot videos from early-morning Black Friday festivities. In the first, display cases collapse and a very large loudmouthed woman is screaming about her “heart problem” and being shoved by “motherf–ckers.”

In the second, a battle for cheap TVs ends with a crazy person in handcuffs. Of course.

In the third, a thug in an orange jacket is throwing people around to grab their stuff and move up at the checkout line.

And finally, a frightening brawl for shitty Rachael Ray cookware. Calphalon I could understand, but Rachael Ray? Holy crap.

These videos are clearly the best advertisements EVER for Thank you for reading this.

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