Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We’re definitely not gourmets. We’re not even picky.

In this post: Fragrant knockoffs, a first freeze, Sam & Marcy plan Thanksgiving.

Howdy. It’s the middle of the night — 4:13 a.m., to be precise — and we’re having our first official freeze right now in north Texas. The house is nice and warm, Sam is asleep, and I’m parked in the study sucking TicTacs and marinating myself with the new perfume oil roll-on thingies I got in the mail yesterday from

I bought four of these ... knockoff Calvin Klein Euphoria, knockoff Estée Lauter Pleasures, knockoff Jessica McClintock and knockoff Juicy Couture. All of them are spot-on, and since they’re also 100% perfume oil (no alcohol) they’ll last a long time and make me smell great for hours and hours while I hang out here at Howdygram headquarters. Plus ... I was lucky enough to show up during FragranceShop’s 50% off sale and got them for only $4.47 each. Hot damn, right?

If you’re interested, FragranceShop sells knockoff roll-ons in hundreds of scents; click here to check them out. (Don’t bother to tell them Marcy sent you because they don’t know who the hell I am.)

With the holiday season almost upon us I’m wondering if y’all have any newsworthy plans this year for Thanksgiving. Sam and I already reserved our annual pre-cooked and perfectly-shaped turkey breast from Boston Market, which I’ll supplement with homemade Stove Top stuffing, a creamed spinach side dish thing, a large lump of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce and Wal-Mart’s turkey gravy in a jar. For dessert Sam gets a whole pumpkin pie and a can of Reddi Whip. (Seriously.)
No, people, we’re definitely not gourmets. We’re not even picky. It’s Thanksgiving, we’re all by ourselves, and we eat in bathrobes in front of the TV. Deal with it.

I should try going back to bed now or I’ll be a wreck all day. Shalom, okay?

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